About Us

A family business since 1948.

Started by two of the Merrill brothers, Rip and Bob as a Western Auto Store located on Central Ave in Dover, NH, beside the Cocheco River supplying residents with many of their everyday needs including Skis. With Rip, one of the brothers off serving in the Navy and the other brother moving to Connecticut, Rip’s father, who was running the business partnered with Norman Beardsworth. Rip upon returning from the service returned to the Store where he met and fell in love with Norman’s daughter, Norma. The couple married and had four children. The family business out grew the location in downtown Dover and in 1977, they moved to the present location. The Western Auto affiliation ended in 2000 as the focus became boats, sales and repair, water sports, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing and trailers both repair and sales. Today, we are the:

"Largest Independent Marine Dealer in New Hampshire."

"2nd Oldest Ski Shop in New Hampshire"

"Biggest Hunting and Fishing Supplier in Seacoast NH"

"Largest Retailer of Trailer – Repair Parts Tires, Hubs, Axles"

"An Inventory of over 2.5 million dollars"

Through all the years, the Merrill family has run the business.

Rip and Norma’s sons now manage the business with Gary running the Service Department alongside his family with an occasional grandchild from one of the other Merrill’s. Frank runs the retail store and boat sales with assistance from Jane and Paul. With the next generation growing up fast to take over from the past.

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